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About The Guild

The Guild represents the students of UWA to the University, government and the wider community. It’s been doing this since 1913. All of the Guild's functions and activities are based on the core ideal of student representation, and student control of student affairs. That is, your democratically elected representatives control all Guild decision-making processes.

From the Guild's ultimate decision making body, the Guild Council, through to the subsidiary councils, departments, and committees, any and all of your comments and concerns about the Guild internally can be resolved by talking to one of your representatives.

The Guild provides plenty of non-academic services to UWA students, and keeps campus-life cranking. We run the catering on campus, ensuring that Guild members get a variety of good quality food at discounted rates. We run some huge events like the O-Day Festival, End of Semester Shows and Oktoberfest, along with regular bands in the tavern and events around campus. Off-campus, the Guild has a variety of benefit partners so you can save money wherever you happen to be.

We also provide support and funding to your reps from the 90-odd Guild affiliated clubs and societies. These student groups give UWA its renowned social atmosphere and life.

The Guild plays a central role in representing you to the University. Student representatives sit on virtually all of the University's boards and committees, from the University Senate to the Parking Appeals Committee. So if you've got a problem with the University, come see us, there's a good chance we can bring it up somewhere within the University's rather unwieldy structure.

The Guild is also here to represent you one-on-one. The Guild Student Centre provides academic advocacy to assist you with an appeal against assessment or treatment by any component of the University. While you’re there, the centre also offers interest-free loans and grants if you’re facing tough times financially.

 There's a student rep that can help you - don't hesitate to contact us.